Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Integrated curriculum model : Why integrate?

1. The main goal of KBSM (1989) is to develop potentials of the students in a holistic and integrated manner (ie intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced)
within the context of National Philosophy of Education.

2. Mathematics should be seen as an integrated whole (ie connections or relationships of mathematical topics) not as a discrete or fragmented topics. (eg relationships between fraction, ratio, proportion and percentage)

3. Mathematics as an integral part of human experiences, activities and problem solving, emerging from everyday life, interaction with other disciplines especially with science and technology.

How to integrate?

Integration of mathematical contents through three main components ( ie thematic approach):

1. Numbers such as counting and calculating ( ie whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages multiples and factors etc

2. Shapes - familiarizing with topics such as angles ,lines, polygons, circle,solid , trigonometry, earth etc.

3. Relations- understanding rules, laws and relationships in the topics such as set, functions and graphs, matrix, statistics, probability etc.

How to implement in teaching and learning?

1. Teaching and learning as an integrated approach ie integration of mathematics as problem solving, mathematics as communication, mathematics as reasoning and mathematical connections.

2. Balance between understanding of concepts and mastering of skills.

3. Apply mathematical skills in real problem solving situations.

4. Inculcate historical elements into mathematics teaching and learning.

5. Emphasize on mathematical thinking strategies.

6. Using inquiry- discovery method

Discuss the factors that may lead to the problems in the implementation of the current KBSM mathematics curriculum in schools.

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