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The main aim of the KBSM mathematics is to develop analytical, critical, systematic and logical thinking, as well as to acquire skills to solve problems. By doing so, pupils will learn to use mathematical knowledge effectively in their daily activities. In addition, they will learn to be responsible and appreciate the importance and excellent features contained in mathematics.


The objectives of KBSM mathematics is for students :

1. To know and understand concepts,definitions, laws, rules and theorems relating to numbers and space.

2. To consolidate and widen the use of skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

3. To master basic skills (other than basic operations ) such as:

- performing estimations and approximations relating with numbers and measurements.

- recognizing various shapes in the surrounding environment and their characteristics.

- measuring and constructing by using basic mathematical instruments.

- collecting,recording, representing and interpreting data

- recognizing and representing relations mathematically.

4. To master skills of using algorithm to obtain the required results.

5. To master skills of solving problems involving steps of interpretation of problem, planning the strategies, implementation of strategies and checking of answers obtained.

6. To utilize mathematical knowledge and skills in managing daily activities through effective and responsible manner.

7. To acquire and appreciate the ability of working in a logically,systematically, heuristically and accurately.

The KBSM (1998- Smart school's edition) focuses on 5 main aspects namely:

1. problem solving in mathematics (recently new concept : problem posing- beyond problem soving)
2. communication in mathematics (oral.written and representation)
3. reasoning in mathematics (inductive, deductive, logical, critical, creative, HOTs)
4. mathematical connections (procedural, conceptual, contextual, daily lives etc)
5. application of technology (calculators, computers, software, internet, etc)

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