Friday, April 20, 2012


There four main principles of OBE:

1. Clarity of focus on outcomes
- clear/well defined intended learning outcomes (LOs)/explicitly stated expectations
- using Bloom taxanomy (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and
evaluation) as a guideline to construct LOs

2. Design backwards

- start with the end in mind (outcomes- ie LOs of the programmes and subjects)
- design curriculum backward to achieve the outcomes
- deliver forward
- product defines process/ outcomes drive the curriculum (teaching, learning and

3. High expectations of success

- all students can succeed (in reaching the exit outcomes)
- every student should develop his/her full potential (student- centered approach)
- expect high level of achievement
- regular feedback on student's performance/progress/competence

4. Expanded learning opportunities

- provide challenging, stimulating and enriching (or remedial) learning
- use a variety of teaching, learning and assessment strategies/methods/techniques
- cater for individual needs and differences (or learning styles)
- cater for self-directed, self paced and self accessed in learning