Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Science and technology in itself is neutral- in whatever forms and usage, it should always be for the betterment of humankind. Science as a "tool" for better understanding of natural phenomena whereas technology as a "tool" for example to increase productivity and reduce cost of production in any types of industries.

Although the development of science and technology has a lot of advantages especially
in the present context of knowledge-based technology intensive culture, the questions of moral values and ethics are very essential and central so its will require an increasing emphasis on the teaching of values, moral and ethics in the school.

The question of values and ethics should be of major concern at all levels of education, for example the realization that the misplaced or misused of military technology may result in human tragedy, advancement in genetic engineering (eg human cloning or transfer of genes etc) may conflict with moral values and ethics of the society,
negative impact of ICT /internet such as pornography, security, plagiarism and piracy; mass destruction by nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, problems related to global warming or greenhouse effect, intellectual property rights, and so on.

How to minimize negative impact of science and technological advancement through education?

New education movement- expanded concept of humanism philosophy:

The first and the most important principle of this education movement is the doctrine of individual responsibility - each individual is responsible for everything he or she does. It is an ethical philosophy that elevates the individual to the global level, for example we are all responsible for preserving the environment, avoiding nuclear warfare, eliminating poverty, face the challenge of extremism, terrorism , intolerance, etc.

In other words science and technological education philosophy should primarily concern with our humanity - ie with our worth as individuals and with the processes that will make us more human and more civilized through self- regulated moral philosophy.

Discuss critically the implementation and the challenges of humanism philosophy in the context of science and technological education in Malaysia.

Choose one article on moral and ethical issues in science and technology from any international journal and summarize it to at least five main points.


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