Sunday, September 6, 2015


A research proposal provides a road-map to the study and normally consists of five parts (based on UTM format)

1. Title of research (working title)
2. Introduction
3. Review of the literature
4. Methodology of research
5. Expexted findings and summary

How many pages (10-30 or 40-70 or 70-100 pages or more ?)

When to present ? 2nd sem (master) or 3 sem (PhD) or ??) - full time or part - time

Introduction : 

- providing the background (issues/arguments/phenomena) and the context of the problem to be dealt with (including objectives, significance and scope of research)
- formulating/conceptualized the statement of the problem
(problem well-defined is half-solved!!!)

Review of the literature :

- expand upon the context and background of the study and further define the problem/a key concept (concepts)
- review relevant research, unanswered questions (gap), untried method, findings of others you are challenging or extending
- develop theoretical framework of the study
- provide a basis for rationale of the study and the formulation of hypotheses.

Methodology of research :

- describing the methods, design and procedures of the study
- quantitative or qualitative or mixed methods ( instrumentation, sampling, data collection and analysis)
- Gantt chart/plan/schedule of tasks in the research

Expected findings and summary :

- brief descriptions of the findings 


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